Thebeginning of a new story

css winner - star

The best location in Odessa

Doma Trabotti is a premium gated community with the best location on Francuskiy Boulevard in Odesa. Overlooking the sea on one side - and overlooking the Gardens of Victory on the other. Near the center - but away from its hustle and bustle. The focus of all urban entertainment - but with the maximum level of privacy.

  • 1-room

  • 2-room

  • 3-room

  • Patio apartments

  • Apartments with terrace

The Trabotti brothers, those who built Odessa

To live in Odessa = to live by the sea

Remember the famous "you have to live by the sea"? We absolutely agree, especially when it comes to Odessa.

We absolutely agree, especially when it comes to Odessa. Wake up and drink coffee on your own terrace with a view of the surf, light candles in the summer evenings and feel the breeze fall on your shoulders. Have parties with friends or read a book in silence until night.

Eclecticism with French chic

The project organically complements the skyline of Odessa

Choose and combine the best of architectural styles. Do not reject history, but rethink it in the spirit of the times. Combining the experience of past years and modernist aesthetics is, of course, about the eclecticism, the architectural style in which Doma Trabotti is built.